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YES PCIe 1.0-1.1-1.1a-2.0-2.1-3.0 ARE Compatible!!

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  • wow, was i confused or what?  linking to the same freakin post that i was on!  Doh!!
  • Doh, I figured this is a topic that has had to have been posted before. If it's any consolation for my noobishness I did try several different search terms in the A+ Hardware Support forum and didn't find an answer to my question. Guess I should've searched the Computer Building & Upgrade >> Video forum instead. Thanks again.
  • mrtraver:
    wow, was i confused or what?  linking to the same freakin post that i was on!  Doh!!

    You were probably replying to his post as I joined it to this thread ROFL

  • I am hoping to avoid making a new thread about this, since it is closely related.

    Can we use a PCI Express 2.1 card in a 2.0 slot?

    This wikipedia article is not too clear about that.

    And just in case anyone reading this has not heard of the 2.1 cards I will link one from our favorite storefront, Newegg.

    (Actually I will link the entire category of them.)

  • PCIE 2.1 is backwards compatible with PCIE 2.0 and PCIE 1.0/1.1

    Yes its the same speed as PCIE 2.0, it just has some management features that will be implemented in PCIE 3.0.

    So it's pretty much a PCIE 3.0 slot without the speed capability.

  • That is if you can get your motherboard manufacture to give you a Bios to fix a compatibility issue with a motherboard that has a 1.0a PCI-E slot.
  • didn't know that 2.1 worked with 1.0 and vice versa, thanks for the info man!
  • Ok I have read that they are backwards compatible and vice versa but I have a more detailed question around performance.  My motherboard is a PCI-Express X16 Mobo and I currently have a GeForce 6600GT in my system. 

    Card has 128MB of GDDR3 memory, core clock of 525Mhz and Memory clock of 1050Mhz.  I also have 2GB of DDR400 memory.  I am looking to upgrade my system without replacing the Mobo/Processor/Ram to get higher performance out of some current games (WoW) and put myself in a better position for the expansion coming out in December.  

    With that said, I am looking to drop in 2 more GB of the exact same ram (bringing me to 4GB total) and was looking at a Radeon HD 5570 1GB of DDR3 with a core clock of 650Mhz and Memory Clock of 1600Mhz. 

    My question mainly is, with a PCI-Express X16 mobo and my current video card, would I see enough improvement to justify the $75 price with the Radeon PCI-Express 2.0 card since technically the card will be scaled down to PCI-Express 1.1 standards or should I just upgrade my Ram and stick with my current video card until I decide upgrade my whole system in a year or so?

     Thanks everyone! 

  • So what are the limits between pcie 2.0 2.1 - pcie 16x?  In otherwords, at what point does pcie 16x reach where no matter how significant the card improvement is, pcie 16x can't utilize it any more?



    YES PCIe 2.0  and 1.1 (16x) are compatible!

    2.0 cards will work in 1.1 main boards and visa versa.  (most of the time)

    Also the 2.1 cards are compatible with both older versions as well.

    Any questions? 


    Edit: Post updated for 2.1

  • There is no speed difference between 2.0 and 2.1, 2.1 implements some data reporting features that are planned for PCIE 3.0. (This is for future 2.1/3.0 compatibility).