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Vertical lines on monitor

  • Hi there and here's my story! 


    I picked up this monitor that was thrown out because I'm classy like that.

    Everything about it is pretty awesome except for one problem, it has about a 3 inch wide row of multi colored vertical lines running down the right side of the screen. The monitor in question is a 2333SW Samsung and I've tried it on another computer and it has the same problem.. I don't think I'll need to give my computer specs because well.. With ONLY the power plug into the monitor (Not even connected to the computer), those lines still appear.  

    I've opened up the monitor but mostly just did a very careful check, my hope was to find a half out plug I could push back in fully and everything would be alright! But no such luck.

    So, my hopes here is to find someone that might know a solution somehow or at least someone who knows it's useless for me to try and home repair it and should either get it professionally repaired and if the cost is worth it. Or just dump the thing. :< 


    Here's a picture, I tried to use the options page  to attach but it says I do not have permission to do so.

  • i would just RMA it with the dumpster/trash hauling company,,,ROFL

    on a more serious note,, it was free so trying to fix it without spending much $$ might get you a working monitor,,, Google around and see what you come up withGeeked

  • Har har :P 


    That's what I figure too, hopefully if it'll cost around 30-80$ to repair it even though I don't even have that money, but I can at least box it up for when I do. Google so far has let me down :< I'm still keeping the hope that some helpful soul out there knows how to fix my problem.  

  • Open the monitor up. Look for any bulging or leaking capacitors. Also, look for any loose connections on the control boards/inverters etc.

    Most monitors break because the manufacturers use cheap caps or have bad thermal design that causes the caps to die prematurely. You might be able to fix the monitor up with a couple new ones and a soldering iron.

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  • I have it opened up and I'm talking a look at the board that the power supply connects too, since that seems the only board with any capacitors, and they all look pristine. Which sucks, since that would be a cheap fix. I'll keep looking for anything odd tho I have no idea what an inverter is. 
  • Ah, I think I may have found the problem. At the top of back of the monitor is a metal panel that I unscrewed to reveal a circuit board, which is connected under the metal framing of the flat screen. There's about 5 or 6 connecting green ribbons in all and just one of them has 3 weird scratches on it. So I put some tape on the front of the screen where exactly that ribbon is and put the monitor back together and! The piece of tape just happens to be dead middle of the width of those vertical lines. 


    This picture sucks but it's sadly the best I can do.

    I'm guessing my next move is to take it into a repair shop and see if it can be replaced without having to replace the entire lcd screen.  

  • Looks like it was dropped to me, probably broke the internals of the screen.