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Music:  "Otros Aires" by Percanta





God I love a good tango song. So I'm a little late to posting (as you may have noticed, I was trying to stick to every Monday).  This week I've been at the W attending the Equallogic User Conference. Fantastic hotel, and fantastic conference. If anyone has been to EMC World or Oracle's conference, you'll know it can be MASSIVE. Walking literally a mile to get to your next session. Thousands of people. Etc. Etc. The first ever Equallogic conference was small. I think the total was 90 people, and 60 of those were Dell employees (the company that ownes Equallogic).

The President of the Equallogic basically kicked off the conference with "at every table is someone who helped designed the product. This conference is about you. Tell us what you think. And if anyone tries to sell you something, let me know and I'll have them escorted off the premisis."

So, safe to say, root loved the conference. Loves the product too. Great things will come of it and DCB (Data Center Bridging). DCB and iSCSI. Very interesting concept that has great potential with the combination of CNA's. I can't wait until 10G networks get cheap enough for the average joe like me.

But I have to say, you know you're doing good when the toilet paper in the bathroom is REAL toilet paper.  That's the W for you, no expense spared. I've also found real toilet paper in Oceanaire (as well as real hand towels), Sullivan's, and--one of my all time favorites--Kenny's.

This is the true test of fine dining my friends.


Toilet paper.