The RTC Taken Down by One Command

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root of all evil

The RTC Taken Down by One Command

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Trailer: Gamer (drools)



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OK, so the Root Technology Center (aka my NAS) got taken out by yours truly. One freaking command and all 5TB of video/music/etc of RAID5 goodness went bye-bye. And my backup script had failed 4 months ago so all the important personal data (like cass's Pictures) are gone.

Sleeping on the coach now.

Not the best month.

Note to anyone with an mdadm array, be VERY careful when you attempt to rebuild it. If, say, you accidently put one drive out of order, you can kiss your data good bye. No idea how my array got to that state in the first place (clean, Not Started) but I knew how to fix it. And by 'fix' I mean kill it (apparently). So a little peeved. They say bad things happen in threes, and that's definitely number 3. 


Well, on a positive note, I learned my backup script wasn't working (lol) and I get to recreate everything to be more optimized (proper LVM/XFS alignment). I might post up a runbook on it here shortly.

And I can't wait for Gamer to come out. Freaking awesome looking.




  • Sorry to hear about the data loss root, that's a huge bummer (especially the non-replaceable data such as personal photos and documents). There's something to be said for starting fresh and ditching old luggage that we gather over time, but I think we would all prefer it to be on our own terms.

    I wish you the best of luck in any data recovery efforts you decide to undertake!

    - Paul

  • Wyldstallyn, that couldn't be more true. RTC is now being backed up to two different RAID1 arrays, as well as another local drive (for the quick restores) that takes hourly snap shots for version control.

    Short of an act of God, I'm not taking another data loss again.

  • Sorry to hear that as well Root, hope that you are able to recover most of it without a problem.

    Yes I cannot wait for gamer to come out.

  • Dang bro, that sucks. I can't decide what is worse, sleeping on the couch or the data loss. Crying