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Wave the Coupe baby

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I'm going to try and come up with a trailer and a music video for every post moving forward. We'll see how it goes--seeing as to how (in)frequently I post up, it shouldn't be that hard.

The trailer is for a movie called 9. Looks fantastic. Saw it a ways back when it first hit the internet. Can't wait until it hits theaters (9/9/09).

The music is by Gotan Project, one of my favorite bands, called "Mi Confession". Love it.


Anyways, what to blog about...?

Well let's start off with Wave. It's google's new little 'beta' project that has a LOT of potential. If you haven't checked it out already, I'd highly recommend watching the whole video. I know, it's long, but IMHO it's well worth it. The applications of such a tool is pretty wide. I can see myself using it daily. I wonder what will happen to gmail? And what about sites that rely on advertisement? This would circumvent it. Very interesting to see what the adoption rate will be. What are you're thoughts on it?

Special thanks to intelguy for posting it up.

Next up has to be the car I'm thinking about getting. Now before you start rolling your eyes about the time I wanted the hardtop convertible Miata (I know, I know, what was I thinking?), give me a chance.

So it's a Hyundai....

I lost you already didn't I?

Genesis Coupe.

V6 that puts out 306 ponies and starting at 25K. For the price, and for what you get, I think I'm in love. I'm waiting for the 2010 model which will (allegedly) have the GPS. Which leads to the discussion manual vs. automatic. Well as nifty as it would be to shift around that winding road near my parents place (BTW: awesome), I'm lazy. I'm not a hard core enthusiast so I'm OK with taking the man-card-hit and go automatic. Here is a great quick clip:


Go on. Drool. I know I did.

Or maybe you are still rolling your eyes saying "Hyundai!?!?"

Now half of you are saying this because of the brand's reputation (in the 90's). I insert (in the 90's) because the company has really turned around and their warranty is pretty darn good. The other half of you are nearly salavating at the mouths like a rabid dog because it's not an American company. So here is my take on it:

America is a capitalistic country. Capitalistic country means your success/failure is (for the most part) all your doing. So for the (insert American) car companies out there that didn't change with the times, and couldn't take the competition--why would I do business with them when their product isn't as great as a 'foreign' company? A guy I know at work, who is gun-ho about America (F#$k Yeah!), practically blew a casket when he heard what my next car will (probably) be. Why? Maybe it's the whole isolationism vs. interventionism. Or maybe it's because I'm a young 20 something year old and nieve. What do you guys think?


OK, long enough post. Hurry up and comment.




  • I'm all for foreign cars. I hate the **** that America has been putting out over the years. I'm only 23, but the best American cars out there are the muscle cars of the '60s and early '70s, with the exception of the two newest Corvettes (ZR1 and Z06). Other than that, I'll only drive an American car when I'm forced to (i.e. renting one for a company trip).

    That said, I might buy a Telsa Roadster if I could afford one.

    But it's not unpatriotic to not buy an American car. Why would you pay all that money for something that's just going to break as soon as you pull it off the lot? It's stupid.

  • I love you.

  • lol @ TL.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one Capt. Insane. |o.O|