And then there were two.

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root of all evil

And then there were two.

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So down to two story lines I think. These two are the ones I think I'd like to do the most out of all 13 of them, heh. Can't decide, however, so I will leave it up to you guys.

  1. Sin
    1. Premise: The series would be seven books long, in every book the antagonist's motive/downfall would be based on one of the seven deadly sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride). The protagonist would be an antihero, a hitman with no morals, who finds himself falling for a woman... who doesn't know what he does for a living. He tries to balance his work and personal life. This idea was spawned off of Dexter so it will be a dark comedy. The world would be modern, something I haven't done before so that would be interesting. I'd also like to do this in first person (something else I haven't ever done before successfully).
  2. Guilty by Design
    1. Premise: This series is a "boy grows up" story. His family is one of the largest crime families in the world. He doesn't want to continue their business and his family, while not happy, agrees and sends him off to an academy to get his learn on. From there, he meets people  (who doesn't know who he is) and gets a taste of what his future could be. But things aren't always easy in said life. His family runs into some trouble and he tries to do the right thing but never seems to pick the right choice.  Always trying to keep his family and the future he wants but knows in the back of his mind he will one day have to choose. Doesn't help that he is bonded to a demon girl (body guard) who has no sense of right and wrong. Think Harry Potter meets The Black Donnellys, and toss in a little dark comedy (I love my dark comedies). World is similar to the roman era, with a little magic (demons, etc). Third person viewpoint.

Please vote via comments. 1 for Sin and 2 for Guilty by Design.  I typically write Sci-fi (2) so I'll be out of my element on Sin, but I like them both. Obviously I'm more prepared for 2 but I'm not afraid at tackling something different.

And now for the YouTube song. This one is a really great song with excellent lyrics. It's called "Kenji" by Fort Minor.




  • I vote for #2. That one would be great. Two things I would like to see:

    More romance. Maybe he meets a girl  who inspired him to be better in spite of his bloodlines.

    Roman era? what about the gothic dark ages or my favorite one : the Renaissance?

  • Gotchic dark ages? Hmmm. That would be interesting.

    I'll take under advisement Yes

  • "Gotchic" dark ages has a nice ring to it... :D

    Got chic? :P



  • I'm sorry, Root. I don't feel much stronger toward one than the other, so I don't think I'd feel right swaying your choice either way.

    If you wanna summarize / pitch all of your 13 story ideas, I would give you 5 eggs for sure, though :D

  • lol Yeah, I could do that. Just curious, what interests you?

  • I'm drawn a lot more to characters than any kind of specific storyline. If the characters are really good, they can take a simple plot and keep it interesting.

    A killer without morals and a boy who grows up are not so unique that either one jumps out at me and separates himself from the other.

    Also things that challenge the mainstream. Subtlety, intelligence. These things can't be shown in a simple pitch / premise, so it will mostly depend on your writing and thought. Because of that, I'd rather the choice be yours to write what you feel most strongly about and not have some f*** of an Egg Mod affect your decision.

  • "Subltey, intelligence" Applause

    Couldn't have put it any better.

    Yeah, I don't think any premise will be unique because they pretty much all been done before... and now I'm referencing Shakespeare. Bad root. Bad.

    All in the characters and plot twist, IMO. When I asked you what interests you, I was going for what genre?

  • Ah, sorry about that. Let's see, genre...hmm, I'd put high fantasy at the bottom of my list and burn it, while putting sci-fi at the top.