Update: The Source|Case Contest|Xbox 360 wireless

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Update: The Source|Case Contest|Xbox 360 wireless

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Good morning (or afternoon for you morning people)!

Some music for you while you read my post. This is one of my favorite Tango songs: Gotan Project - Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre):


I figure it's been some time since I've posted up an update post. Let's see here....

I've been getting positive feedback on my new series, The Source. So thanks to all of you who are watching and, more importantly, those providing feedback. I'd like to think ep2 is better than ep1. And hopefully it will continue to get better as I do this more. Like I've mentioned, I'd like to make this weekly and it's looking like I can (knock on wood).

Speaking of The Source...

EggXpert, will we ever get to have our own YouTube media hosting site---EggTube? I'd love to have a site that I can upload more than just 10 minutes of video at a time.  Cutting it into parts is a pain. And it would encourage more people to upload original content more geared toward Eggheads. Just a thought.


I need you

I'm looking to make a number of Linux posts geared toward the Window's users but I need help. Too much stuff on my plate right now (this week has been easy because of the holiday and having the whole week off). These posts (I'm thinking of calling the series "The man Pages") would be a transitional piece for those windows users out there who have never tried Linux but want to get into it.

I'm thinking of first picking a distro and going through the installation process, screen shot by screen shot. Then come up with a series of posts that follow it, going over various subjects (like the folder structure, permissions, packages system, configuring popular packages, etc). My goal is to get more users into Linux, and have a guide for those interested in taking the leap--something that will touch all the basics and give them a good understanding of the OS.

Interested? PM me or post up a comment. We will need to draft up an outline of the series from start to finish. I'll try and help, but I can't promise anything. I'd just like to get it started. Looking for 3-4 people (that should be sufficient) as well as a graphics designer.

Have you guys seen the Case Contest? If not, check out the contestants and vote! I believe the polls close December the 30th (or the 20th, if you believe the Information page). Check out the cases here, and vote here.

And now, my YouTube pick (which doesn't necessarily have to be used on just an Xbox 360 wireless adapter)...

How to boost your xbox 360 wireless signal:



Until next time users,




  • Since no one has commented here yet, I figured I might as well take the opportunity to do so. First off, great job with The Source! It's nice to have some of the content on Eggxpert packaged with your input for easy digestion.

    Second, even though your post is more of a call for help on creating this linux series, I can only offer my encouragement. I've been thinking about trying out Linux for a while now, and I'm pretty sure many other members here have had similar thoughts. It's a great idea and I hope you can find enough people to help create such a useful series.

    Ok...since I love the music from Gotan Project, I can't help myself. I have to put in a comment: you switched their name! It's Gotan Project (vs. Project Gotan), although I'm sure you knew that.

    On a sidenote: They actually got their name from a form of wordplay common in a Spanish dialect involving the reversal of syllables. Tango -> Gotan ! Olé! :)

  • AHHH! Can't believe I did that. I blame it on the racing game (lol). Thanks for the encouragement! And I never knew how they got their name, thanks :-)

    As for The man Pages series... no love yet. Ep3 should be out Saturday/Sundayish. Stay tuned!