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Update: Ask Root|Linux|Pachelbel

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The column.... working on it. I'll leave it at that. Should have most of my material over the weekend.

So I got a PM from some one who want to get into Linux, and wanted to learn it. I was thinking of coming out with a post series for those who want to get into Linux. Steps from picking the right distro for you to how it's different from Windows, pros and cons. If anyone of the few users out there that read my blog are interested (I think there is a whopping 3 people now), post up a comment!

And now, as a new tradition, I leave you with Root's YouTube Pick.



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  • Yo dude it sounds interesting I just got a copy of Linux 7.0 and if I could figure out how to load it on to my computer I'd really prefer to use it rather than Windows. So like yea you come out with the info I'd really be interested in your idea.

  • Rock on. I have a few projects going on but it's definitely up there on my to-do list. Trying to recruit a few people to help out. Hang tight |o.O|

  • I am very interested in learning about Linux.