Zune is just getting better and better....

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Zune is just getting better and better....

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Everyone here is probably a huge iPod fan but I've been a Zune fan since the release. I currently have the 80GB version and will be getting an 8GB flash for the gym soon. Ever since the release the Zune software has been lacking some key features that a lot of people want, there still is but the new release is just awesome. The channels work seamlessly and actually pick music that I do like. It is similar to iTunes genius but that it’s built into the software and not an add-on. Putting the social feature in the software instead of linking it to the internet was really nice and I find to be using that more and more now. The UI looks prettier and flows a lot smoother. The response time on the Zune player has also increased and the battery last even longer (for me about an extra 30-45 minutes). They finally added the ability to find duplicate songs so your media can be managed a lot better which is what I needed. There are a lot more little features here and there but I'll leave that up to other people to find as that is half the fun. Especially the radio tagging, that’s my new favorite thing about the Zune.


Now for me it was easy to go from iTunes to Zune because all my music (or lack thereof) was all downloaded from CDs into mp3 format. I installed the software and all my music was already transferred from iTunes to Zune with the exception of the songs I did download through iTunes. This is why I think a lot of people wont change. Most of the iTunes population probably imported their CD music with the AAC format and locked their music into that. I am not entirely sure if all the AAC files have the DRM stuff added on them or not but I can imagine they are. Plus all the music bought from the iTunes store won't transfer. So now the thinking is you have to re-buy them. Well, with the Zune subscription you can just download them and pay the $15 a month (and if you buy more than 15 songs you are already saving). But it is time consuming to locate and download the songs. All in all it’s a hassle to go from iTunes to Zune if you have a large iTunes bought collection. Funny because I believe Apple has an ad about how easy it is to transfer your PC files to your new Mac and the "PC guy" talked about how the hassle is PC's loyalty program or something to that extent. Well, Apple is doing the same thing; making it hard to transfer to something else. That's good business for them, but not for the consumer. I just find it ironic that Apple exploits PC's problems when they have almost the exact same problem.

Anyways, I may be the only one out here but are there any other Zune people in the Eggxpert community? If so shout it out and be proud that you own a more advanced and better PMP; definitely in the hardware aspect. And just for all Apple fan boys, the touch and iPhone are not direct competitors to the Zune so if you try to compare them, your argument is automatically invalid. I just had to say that.

  • Nice posting. I wish I had a Zune. I had the Ipod before, but not a Zune. 8gb sounds like a cool size to have. Should be able to have a plethora of music on that little guy. Any links to pics of the most recent or newst versions?

  • Your article jumps all over like a frog after 10 Pepsis.  But regardless, yes I have a Zune.  :)

    I have a 4GB Black model.  I believe it came with the premium headphones, although I don't much care for those earbud things and am more apt to using something with more structure.

    The actual device itself is pretty nice.

    The software is garbage.  Even the latest rendition.

    Glad you enjoy your's. :)

  • Sorry for the confusion Fizzter, I was typing at work and trying to type fast during my break. And if anyone wants to see pictures just head over to www.zune.net as they have a lot of the pictures there. At least the high quality ones.

  • All my friends have either bought iphones or converted to zune.  I think that they're great, but my old ipod serves me just fine for now.